The seed was planted over a decade ago, as designer and Organic Leather founder Rowan Gabrielle searched the globe for a leather made from animals raised ethically and organically, and tanned without harmful chemicals.  In 2007 the first iteration of Organic Leather was born, in partnership with a key farmer and a 500 year old tannery in the English Countryside.  Read the story here.  


Leather is a time-honored material, and thus our commitment is to using traditional tanning methods and sourcing from animals that were raised organically on green pastures.  Culturally, we have become desensitized to our consumption of animal products.  Rather than choosing to abstain entirely, we can make conscious decisions in our choices of animal goods with transparent origins.  Our leathers tell a story that goes more than skin deep.


Today, chromium (chemical) tanning accounts for greater than 90% of the world's leather, while vegetable tanning (natural) has shrunk to less than 10%.  The process to tan leather with vegetable tannins can take upwards of a month, while cheaper and faster chemical methods reduce the time to less than a day on the industrial scale.  However, the majority of chrome tanned leather is highly toxic, causes large scale environmental destruction in its production, and does not last nearly as long as traditional vegetable tanned leather. Learn more about the differences between veg tanning and chrome tanning here. 


All of our leather hides are organic in origin, and come in a variety of colors, finishes, and weights to meet the unique needs of the designers we cater to.  Visit our products page to learn more and to submit an order request form.